The Barnacle team will be away at sea for the month of July, check back in August for our next print issue!

Volume 2, Issue 1 is here!

In the last twelve months, The Barnacle has published over 230 stories online and in print with the help of over 40 volunteer illustrators, writers and editors. As much as we know the numbers don’t matter for us to feel accomplished with our little operation, it is wild to put the whole year into perspective.

Canada, especially rural Canada, is losing local news coverage at a rapid rate. It felt like each month in 2023 brought more announcements of media layoffs and newspaper shutdowns.
Nearly half of community newspapers in Canada are owned by one of ten corporate owners. Free and independent press seems more and more unlikely in this climate.

Making it to a year of operations is a celebration of what is possible with the support and resources of a community like Lunenburg County. In twelve issues we’ve covered everything from Knot Pub Trivia winners to centenarian birthdays and a mayoral special election. Countless hours of expertise, joy and frustration went into this year to pull together what you see today.

I know we say it every time, but thank you for being a part of this journey.

We’ve got a bit of a special issue this month where each editor looks back on a year of publication. Do get a hold of a print copy if you can.

– Sal Falk, Editor-at-large

Check out this month’s print issue, online

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