QUIZ: Which sea monster is wishing you luck in 2024?

 As the dark days of January begin to unravel, one might need an extra boost of support to get through the first few months of 2024.

Sure, friends, family and significant others can lend you a helping hand or give you a pep talk. But who better to root for you than a faraway sea monster whose very existence is hotly contested?

Which of these New Year’s Resolutions resonates with you?

Focusing more on well-being activities like yoga, journalling, and mindfulness.
Resolutions are a waste of time. I live in the moment.
Spending more time with friends and attending more social events.
Indulging more and not holding myself to high standards.

Which of these bodies of water represents you?

A secret swamp where hovering fairy lights cast everything in an eerie, green glow.
A peaceful pond inhabited by colorful koi fish where one can reflect on life’s questions.
A majestic lake framed by mountains that spans hundreds of miles.
A giant puddle of cold, slushy water in a pothole on Highway 3.

How much do you need people to believe in you to have a great 2024?

I only need to believe in myself; others’ opinions don’t matter.
People shouldn’t believe in me; I’ll let them down.
I need a lot of validation from others, but I rarely get it.
I know lots of people believe in me already.

What do you hope the theme of 2024 will be for you?

Expanding my social circle.
Building self-esteem.

Do you believe that sea monsters could exist?

The oceans of our world are vast, and I do not claim to know what does or doesn’t live in their mysterious depths.
No. That’s ridiculous.
It’s likely that they exist.
I have no idea. How would I know something like that?


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