Lunenburg Barnacle Vol. 1, No. 4 is here

Editor’s Note

We’ve reached our fourth issue!

Our team could have never imagined how many amazing and dedicated readers we would have by this point.

Locals continue to stop us in cafes, bars, and on the street to give feedback on a story we covered, or to let us know how easy/difficult they found Carley’s latest crossword. It’s this sense of passionate local engagement that powers the Lunenburg Barnacle.

Many city-dwellers I know claim that they could never live in a rural community because “nothing happens there.”

On the contrary, Lunenburg County is the place to be for concerts, farmers markets, plays, free workshops, and more.

A glimpse at our events calendar will show you that there is something for everyone, whether you want to go on a night hike with strangers, learn how to salsa dance, or enjoy an evening of local theatre. There’s no shortage of excitement in our county!

Issie Patterson, Editor-at-large

Vol 1., No. 4 Highlights

During those rainy May mornings when you find yourself sitting in The Barn, Fancy Pants, or any of our county’s excellent cafes, catch up on local news and learn new things about what’s around you!

Newfoundland Ponies Galore – Have you ever wondered about the backstory of those majestic ponies grazing on the hill outside Lunenburg? Carley Mullally shares their story.

Ross Farm Should Be Your Next Weekend Trip – Locals can prepare themselves for “guest season” by adding new go-to spots to take their visiting cousin, friend, parent-in-law, etc. with Sal Falk’s take on why Ross Farm is a great spot to visit.

Slow Roll into Spring – Contributor Meghan Doucette shares tips and tricks for getting your bike ready for spring rides.

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Read our online exclusives

The Forest For The Trees – The Sun is Coming Out: Ne’ata’q, The Food Forest at Bluenose Academy by Katherine Barrett

Pearl’s Precious Gems: Daina Tavenier  – Eilidh MacDonald

Tastee Freeze Reopens for Another Tasty Year – Iraj Tariq

Lunenburg Town Council approves 23/24 operating budget to disapproving gallery, addresses Friends of Blockhouse Hill – Jesse Ward

Town of Lunenburg increases spending on planning and development, new staff in 2023/24 budget – Jesse Ward

Matt Risser, Outgoing Mayor of the Town of Lunenburg: The Barnacle Interview – Jesse Ward

Whispering Gas Tank – Charles Weiss

As long as copies stay on shelves, you can find our print edition at these locations:

Fancy Pants Cafe, Bridgewater

Firkenstein Brewing, Bridgewater

King Street Beer Company, Bridgewater

Lunenburg County Lifestyle Center, Bridgewater

Chester’s Café, Chester

Kiwi Café, Chester

LaHave Bakery, LaHave

Block Shop Books, Lunenburg

Elizabeth’s Books, Lunenburg

Laughing Whale Cafe, Lunenburg

Lunenburg Bound, Lunenburg

Lunenburg Farmer’s Market, Lunenburg

Lunenburg Library, Lunenburg

No. 9 Cafe, Lunenburg

The Knot Pub, Lunenburg

The Barn, Mahone Bay

Famous Town Pie Shop, Mahone Bay

Petite Riviere General Store, Petite Riviere

Rose Bay General Store, Rose Bay

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Invitation to contribute

We are always eager to welcome new contributors who want to share in our mission to shine a light on Lunenburg County. If you want to write local news, humour, history, or have an opinion to share – please reach out.

Additionally, if you represent a community group seeking a platform to share updates, consider the Barnacle! We want to connect you with our readers. Email and we will get back to you.


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