The Barnacle team will be away at sea for the month of July, check back in August for our next print issue!

Welcome to the Lunenburg Barnacle

Welcome! This is it. The first issue of The Lunenburg Barnacle. 

You might be new around here and so are we. I can still remember the first time I was recognized at No. 9 and invited to an upcoming gallery opening. I finally felt part of the community. It only took a few more weeks for me to realise the area is packed full of caring people who are constantly working to shape Lunenburg County into what it is today.

We are all lucky to call this land around the LaHave River our home. But what is happening in the forests, on the waters and in our communities and who is capturing these stories? The Barnacle is committed to bringing this landscape to life so we can unite, whether it is to uplift the organisations who are working hard to make an inclusive community or to celebrate yet another local reaching the centenarian milestone. 

Even two years ago I couldn’t have imagined becoming part of such a dynamic and interesting community but here we are putting pen to paper to share our passion for Lunenburg County.

We’d love to have you come along for the journey as we share what we uncover each month about this place we call home.

We are a cooperative organisation actively seeking members of the community to contribute writing, photography, illustration, creative writing, etc.

If you’ve got ideas, shoot a message to:


3 responses to “Welcome to the Lunenburg Barnacle”

  1. Adele Bourget

    Congratulations! Great job on your first publication!

  2. Doreen Dixon

    Love the layout and design! I’m also delighted to see the launch of a new local paper! Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!

    1. Thank you so much! We are too!

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