“Play On” Making it to the Stage After Three-year Hiatus

Three years after her production was cut short by Covid-19, local theatre director Anne Stockdale is picking up right where she left off.

In March 2020, Stockdale’s cast of ten local actors were excitedly preparing for opening night of “Play On”, a comedy about a small-town theater group struggling to put on a play. 

The director describes the story as a “play within a play.”

“It resonated with me,” says Stockdale. 

“We’re just a small-town theatre group trying to put on a play with all the obstacles and hurdles that are in the way of it.” 

The biggest obstacle in Stockdale’s production turned out to be insurmountable – at least for a while.

She had to give up on the production as lockdowns continued into 2021.

When Stockdale got the opportunity to direct a play for South Shore Players for spring 2023, she reached out to the former cast of “Play On” with an idea: instead of choosing a new play and starting from scratch, why not pick up where they left off?

Her cast members responded with a resounding yes.

“They had worked so hard,” she says. “Not only does the audience deserve to see them, but the actors deserve to get the applause.” 

Three years later, the cast is reuniting to finally bring this production to the stage. 

Play on, indeed! Play On will be performed April 28, 29, 30, and May 5, 6, 7 at the Central United Church Hall in Lunenburg. Tickets can be purchased closer to performance dates at www.southshoreplayers.ca.


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