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Volume 1, Issue 6 is here!

Hot diggity dog, we’re already on our 6th issue of the Barnacle!

We’re all so excited to kick off summer with our music-focused July issue, as we at the Barnacle have a keen passion for the arts. I myself have been playing the fiddle since I was eight years old, and have loved dropping into the Sessions at Saltbox Brewery in Mahone Bay with fellow Barnacle fiddlers Carmen and Issie.

Lunenburg County has a rich history of musical talent which we wanted to celebrate.  It seems that every day this summer there is some sort of concert, workshop or performance somewhere in town, just check out our events calendar to find out where and when. 

The Lunenburg Folk Harbour festival contributed some of the clues in this month’s crossword puzzle, and I recommend you listen to the playlists we created in this month’s quiz for some hints! 

Carley Mullally, Puzzle Editor

Vol 1., No. 6 Highlights

Tap Your Foot to Celtic Music at Saltbox Tap RoomHopefully Sal Falk’s article on the Sunday Sessions will convince you to join Carmen, Issie and I for a toe-tapping good time.

Boxwood Festival Returns to Lunenburg for Its 25th yearYou might have stumbled upon the waterfront ceilidh last year, or wondered why there was suddenly an influx of flutists and fiddlers in town. Well worry not – the Boxwood Festival is back this summer and Issie gives the inside scoop. 

Songbirds of the South ShoreContributor Emily Sollows once again shares a nest of knowledge in our recurring What the Peck! column.

Bon Vivant, Bad Vivant: Let Bridgewater be the Paris of Nova ScotiaEditor-in-Chief and raconteur Jesse Ward has written an opinion piece on Bridgewater potentially allowing alcohol consumption in designated outdoor spaces. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi that really makes this article incroyable.

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It’s exciting for us to feel like our monthly release is like a limited edition sneaker drop and see folks and families scrambling out to ensure they get to do Carley’s newest crossword in print.

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Jesse Ward, Editor-in-chief

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