Volume 1, Issue 9 has arrived!

We’re entering the season in Lunenburg County where fisherman’s sweaters are pulled out of cedar chests, DSLR cameras make nary an appearance on downtown sidewalks, and cafe orders last a little longer.

One more local tradition we want to last is monthly Barnacle distribution day, when our Directors drop off stacks of newspapers to local businesses and have conversations with you that lead to stories in our next issue.

Since February, we have published more than 160 unique stories to more than 5,500 online readers.

We have an average of 2,300 unique visitors to our website reading at least one story each month, and we have had more than 8,000 print newspapers picked off shelves.

Hundreds of people view our comprehensive events listings every month.

Our unique stories on local issues have been picked up and shared by national media – last month, our interview with South Shore–St. Margarets MP Rick Perkins on the Online News Act was featured in Politico’s Ottawa Playbook news roundup.

Perhaps most proudly, we have had multiple parents tell us their children are inspired to write for us, and we have worked to enable newspaper clippings that will make good memories for years.

To keep up our growth and ensure continued successful operations, we rely on your support!

As a media co-op, our Board of Directors and contributors operate entirely on a volunteer basis. 

We currently earn just $140 a month through donations, and cover the rest of our costs – printing, distribution, and web services – about $950 – through advertising and one-time donations.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 a month through subscriptions by our first anniversary in February 2024.

Meeting this goal would enable us to distribute twice as many copies and begin to fund contribution stipends for volunteers.

At https://www.thebarnacle.ca/become-a-patron/, you can find out how to send a one-time donation or subscribe to our crowdfunding campaign at Zeffy where we receive every dollar you send. Even a monthly contribution of $5 makes a big difference.

Whether or not a donation is within your means, we also want to hear from you about what content you want to see in our publication, and we want you to work with us! As a media co-operative, we are a platform for you to influence the stories that are broadcast in your own community. Reach out to me and the rest of our editors at editor@thebarnacle.ca to ask about volunteering – we will be happy to chat!

Jesse Ward, Editor-in-chief

Vol. 1, No. 9 Highlights

Walking With Ghosts in Lunenburg – Editor-at-large Issie Patterson reports on Lunenburg’s haunted housing.

PET OF THE YEAR: Mural Would Memorialize Mini the Cat – A Lunenburg business owner is fundraising a mural to memorialize Mini, the Purcell Family Art Gallery cat who made hundreds of friends across town.

Cycle tourism a budding opportunity in MODL with Active Transportation Plan – Editor-at-large Sal Falk examines how new infrastructure for MODL could benefit cyclists and businesses.

Food Forest Phase Two! A Wabanaki/Acadian Forest – Contributor Katherine Barrett has an exciting update on the food forest at Bluenose Academy: a new, wilder area.

Howdy, Neighbour! Meet Kush Pathak – Sal Falk introduces you to Kush Pathak, who moved with his family from the desert in Rajasthan to Lunenburg’s Tannery Road.

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