Lunenburg Barnacle Vol. 1, No. 3 is here

Editor’s note

The Lunenburg Barnacle is officially a cooperative!

We’re only at Vol 1. No. 3 and are still figuring out the direction of our work, but from now on, all activities associated with the creation and distribution of this publication are under The Lunenburg Barnacle Publishing Cooperative Limited.

Why did we choose to be a non-profit cooperative?

There are seven core cooperative principles to which all cooperatives worldwide adhere to known as the International Cooperative Alliance Statement and we think they are important as a local, alternative news source. Here’s just a few of them:

  1. Democratic Member Control

This means our team that makes the publication each month possible all have equal say in how we’re operating. From budgetary decisions right down to policy about our editorial process, all key decisions are democratically determined.

  1. Autonomy and Independence

Cooperatives are built around the concept of self-help. We are all about skill-sharing and skill-building without the added influence of external governing bodies or organisations determining the value of our work. Given we are also a non-profit coop we are able to work and grow at a rate that is often incompatible with profit. This principle also informs our publishing practice as we have total control on what we publish and promote.

  1. Concern for Community

This principle is a central piece for any cooperative and front of mind for our editors. As much as we are all putting in volunteer hours because this is a labour of love, we are also doing this because the feedback we are receiving shows us this is important. Lunenburg County is ever changing, developing and growing and we need a way to knit our communities together. We hope our concern for our community translates into a practice of care for the ways we choose to share the happenings of Lunenburg County.

– Sal Falk, Editor-at-large

Vol. 1, No. 3 Highlights

Castles, Curses & Community – More and more people in Lunenburg County are discovering the appeal of spending an evening as an adventuring elf or orc as Dungeons and Dragons experiences a revival.

Spitting in class is encouraged – Imagine two-and-a-half hours on a Monday morning dedicated to knitting and felting custom hats, enjoying a leisurely cup of tea with fresh-baked cakes.

Local volunteers give back – Volunteer Appreciation week is coming up and Tiffany Pope highlights a few local volunteers who deserve a big round of applause this month.,

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Where can I find a copy?

As long as copies stay on shelves, you can find our print edition at these locations:

  • Blockhouse Farmers Market, Blockhouse
  • Fancy Pants Cafe, Bridgewater
  • Firkenstein Brewing, Bridgewater
  • King Street Beer Company, Bridgewater
  • LaHave Bakery, LaHave
  • Elizabeth’s Books, Lunenburg
  • Laughing Whale Cafe, Lunenburg
  • Lunenburg Bound, Lunenburg
  • Lunenburg Farmer’s Market, Lunenburg
  • Lunenburg Library, Lunenburg
  • No. 9 Cafe, Lunenburg
  • The Knot Pub, Lunenburg
  • The Barn, Mahone Bay
  • Famous Town Pie Shop, Mahone Bay
  • Chicory Blue General Store, Blockhouse
  • Petite Riviere General Store, Petite Riviere
  • Rose Bay General Store, Rose Bay
  • Ploughman’s Lunch, West Dublin

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Invitation to contribute

We are especially excited by all who reached out and worked with us to contribute to this month’s issue.

We are always eager to welcome new contributors who want to share in our mission to shine a light on Lunenburg County. If you want to write local news, humour, history, or have an opinion to share – please reach out.

Additionally, if you represent a community group seeking a platform to share updates, consider the Barnacle! We want to connect you with our readers.

Email and we will get back to you.


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