Volume 2, Issue 4 is here!

This April at The Lunenburg Barnacle, we are excited to bring our newspaper to you in the streets.

With the release of our fifteenth issue, we’re introducing our first two newspaper boxes to the commercial centres of Lunenburg County – now you can find us in front of Pearl’s Vintage & Thrift on King St. in Lunenburg, and Rascal’s Burrito Bar on King St. in Bridgewater.

(If you’re reading this on Thursday, April 11 – please give us until about noon to set these up!)

(Editor-at-large Sal Falk with the new Barnacle Box on King Street in Lunenburg. Photo: Jesse Ward)

Back in December, I finally found the Facebook Marketplace treasure I’d sought all year – two plastic newspaper boxes, surplus from a downsizing realty office in New Glasgow.

Maybe people aren’t looking to print media for real estate listings anymore, but our directors know from fifteen months of experience that people are definitely looking for local stories and a fun crossword in print.

Carmen, Sal and I had a lot of fun refurbishing and graffitiing the Bridgewater Barnacle Box, providing an exciting and unlikely second life to this vessel for community news that people only previously reached into when they wanted to buy a house in New Glasgow.

Our Lunenburg Box was designed and decorated by the talented Jessie McLaughlin and Sienna Maeba whose signature styles you will recognize in many of the brilliant illustrations you’ll find within the issues inside the box.

But true to Barnacle form, we’re not stopping there with the anachronisms.

Only in Lunenburg County in the year 2024 can you approach a functional, maintained newspaper box and open it to grab a copy of a newspaper featuring a tintype photograph from a very old camera on the cover.

This month’s cover features a beautiful perspective of the Lunenburg Academy in a tintype photo by local photographer Alanah Correia – read all about her new business in our cover story.

Continuing with the old-time media theme, here’s our PBS Pledge Drive – if you appreciate what we’re doing and want to support our mission, we seriously value every financial contribution readers make.

We are committed to keeping everything we publish free, but we need your support.

We are very grateful to our generous recurring donors for whom we depend on for approximately $210 each month, funding about two-thirds of our monthly print costs.

Our goal is to hit $500 in recurring monthly donations so we can print more copies and distribute our newspaper further. We are volunteer-driven and all donations go directly to operational costs to keep our newspapers printing and our website alive. If you can help us with $3 a month, that’s a decent percentage of what we need. Please follow the link below to learn how to donate – it’s easy!

Jesse Ward, Editor-in-chief

Vol. 2, Issue 4 Stories




Check out this month’s print issue, online

Did someone already snag the last issue at No. 9? For those who can’t enjoy the print experience, read this complimentary PDF from anywhere in the world.

Find us in print

We are distributing to the following locations over the morning and afternoon of April 11. You can find us in print while supplies last.

  • Bridgewater
    • Fancy Pants Cafe
    • Fancy Pants Express
    • The Barn in Bridgewater
    • *New* Rascal’s Burrito Bar
  • Chester
    • Kiwi Cafe
  • LaHave
    • LaHave Bakery
    • Petite General Store
  • Lunenburg
    • Block Shop Books
    • Elizabeth’s Books
    • Laughing Whale Cafe
    • Lunenburg Bound Books
    • Lunenburg Farmers Market
    • Lunenburg Library
    • No. 9 Coffee
    • *New* Pearl’s Vintage & Thrift
  • Mahone Bay
    • Blockhouse Farmer’s Market
    • Chicory Blue
    • Famous Town Pie Shop
    • The Barn
  • Rose Bay
    • Rose Bay General Store
  • Schnares Crossing
    • Hungry Traveler Cafe


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