Handmade Bright Colourful Walk

(Illustration: Charles Weiss)

LaHave Sunset Park, alongside highway 331 near Conquerall Bank, has a large colourful path of pencils that have a recognizable shape made by Rick Silas.

The colours of paint are variations of blue, brown, green, pink, red and yellow and each have a black point on the one end.

(Photo: contributed)

These 16 pencil carvings are large, with an average length of about 1.5 metres. They are designed with a stride’s distance apart as a an exercise activity station with a path length of 25 metres long: however, you can hop from one pencil to another as you wish.

In addition to this pencil walk pattern, Rick says this interactive sculpture had been selected from several other designs that were part of his design proposal competition for Lunenburg County for trail fitness sites.

Rick shaped and formed each giant pencil by chainsaw carvings with large old pine logs from a bush lot near Wilesville.

The wood walk design fits into the park space as a natural material and is expected to weather as an architectural ruin. Rick’s designs make an effort to use rejected / used materials. He has experience in artful designs in snow sculpture, wood chainsaw carving and glass art forms.

Silas hopes trail visitors to find the pencil log path safe, simple and easy.

See examples of Rick Silas art online at: https://Silastialglass.com

(Photo: contributed)


2 responses to “Handmade Bright Colourful Walk”

  1. Charles Weiss

    HEY, Lunenburg Barnacle
    Really interesting story, unique and excellent and creative park exercise art! Lahave sunset park is so coool.

  2. Sharon McFall

    Great idea! Great art Rick!

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