Introducing Barnacle Election Central: Your Source For Lunenburg County Municipal Election Updates

(Illustration: Carmen Cumming)

This October, the people of Lunenburg County – you! – will cast votes for 39 municipal officials. These votes will determine the leadership and priorities of our municipalities for the next four years.

Who will lead Lunenburg? Who will be the brains behind Bridgewater? And who will rise as our Next Top MODLs?

With our new webpage, Barnacle Election Central, we’re your essential guide to staying engaged with every update, announcement, and discussion shaping the October 19 municipal election – connecting Bridgewavians, Chesterites, Mahone Bayers, MODLers, and Lunenburgers like never before.

This page tracks every current Councillor and Mayor as they announce whether they will reoffer and shares information on all new potential candidates announcing their intent to run.

We are also aggregating all news we produce and discover on this page and publishing all letters to the editor that you – our readers – wish to submit on the topics that matter most to you in this election.

This is not just about becoming informed – it’s about getting engaged. If you’re eligible to vote or run in this election, you hold power to influence the policy, culture and future of our communities.

Regardless of which municipality you live in, all of these elections are important. 

Our municipalities work together through initiatives like the Lunenburg County Accessibility Advisory Committee, the Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee, efforts to standardize legislation for coastal protection, and much more.

So – what matters to you? Housing? Transportation? Accountability in government?

If you’ve never written a Letter To The Editor before, now is the perfect time. Send us your thoughts – in 300 words or fewer to be considered for print, or longer for online. We’ll share your views, concerns and dreams with our thousands of readers across the entire County.

Let us know what’s on your mind – email us at and we look forward to following up with you.


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