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A gay ol’ time!

(Illustration: Jessie McLaughlin)

I’ve marched in parades throughout Nova Scotia for as long as I can remember.

I’ve held hands with Daisy the Cow for Scotsburn Dairy, played the tuba in marching bands, walked alongside farm animals in 4H and marched with several queer-led organisations.

But there was something particularly special about marching in the inaugural Bridgewater Pride Parade this year that filled my heart with absolute joy while simultaneously making me tear up once or twice.

It was incredible to see so many floats and people adorned with rainbows and glitter. I spoke to more than one person who said their faces were hurting from smiling so much that day.

This parade meant so much more than mere celebration – it was loudly displaying the community, representation, and resilience that is needed in our world, now more than ever.

Holding my hand-painted flower sign, I marched alongside Petite Queer Pride, a volunteer group dedicated to creating safe and inclusive spaces and activities for our 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and a few folks who had grown up on the South Shore shared with me about how they had never imagined seeing something like this when they were younger.

As someone who grew up queer on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, I share their delight at seeing how much things have changed for the better. I saw generations of people waving or clapping their hands, and rainbow signs of support decorated the streets of Bridgewater.

Neighbours, community leaders, students, grandparents and pets were all there with bells on, either watching or as part of one of the 40+ entries in the parade.

And every single one looked ab-so-lutely fabulous! I sincerely love a parade, and I’m so proud to say that Bridgewater’s Pride Parade filled my heart.


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