Does This Painting Look Local?

(Illustration: Charles Weiss)

I wanted to hit the road and find a Maritime scene where I could create my interpretation of it with  brush and paint on canvas.

There are many aspects of the South Shore that make it a great place to paint. The colours on shore with the sea in the background often create a remarkable effect throughout the day.

This particular day it was the beach at Point Fort, in LaHave. I was joining a few other artists.

I walked past the local beach flotsam and turned around the curve along the shore within sight of Point Fort Park. Mist faded the details.

WOW! I had so been looking forward to a morning of “plein air,” a French expression for outdoor painting.

“Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour.” This quotation from Giotto di Bondone sums up my impression of painting on location. 

Inviting views from the tops of sand dunes made me stop and set up my tiny easel and box of brushes and paints.

Repeatedly, “follow the line” was my method to draw my map of contrasting shapes and colour the grass rocks, sand, and water. My canvas looked empty after I raised my cap at the end of this process. 

I scratched my head and started pushing my brush along the thin edge of the yellow sand and rock and dark purple seaweed towards the distant blue shoreline.

A charitable fellow artist walking by slowed to a stop beside me and mentioned, “I don’t see that scene.” 

“I like to add a vertical tree or grass,” I quietly replied. “To add something to the design that may be out of my view but would fit in with what I’m painting.”

After weeks of rainy days, I was relieved that the weather was fine. A bit of mist and a bit of wind, but a good day for painting outdoors.

I continued painting as the clouds moved along and the sunshine returned. 

Charles Weiss is an artist and writer living for the past few years in Pleasantville. He is originally from Southern Ontario where he illustated and wrote editorial stories for newspapers and magazines including the Toronto Star and Real Fishing magazine. He regularly exhibits his paintings and sculptures in Lunenburg Art Gallery.


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