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12 Facts About Lunenburg

(Lunenburg’s Zwicker Wharf in winter. Photo: Issie Patterson)

1: Lunenburg is the birthplace of the Bluenose, launched March 26, 1921.

2: The Lunenburg Academy opened in 1895.

3: The Selig family has lived in the same house in Lunenburg for 8 generations.

4: The population of Lunenburg is about 2300.

5: The first murder trial in Nova Scotia was held in the Lunenburg Courthouse.

6: Lunenburg is built on a peninsula of rock deposits known as drumlins.

7: Lunenburg is named after a person, the Duke of Braunschweig Lüneburg, who later became King George II of Great Britain.

8: The early Acadian inhabitants called the town, Mirligueche.

9: Lunenburg has five churches. Zion Lutheran Church (1772) and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (1753) are the oldest of their denominations in Canada. St. John’s Anglican Church (1753) is the second oldest of its denomination in Canada but the oldest church in Lunenburg.

10: The original bell for Zion Lutheran Church came from the Fortress of Louisbourg.

11: UNESCO considers Lunenburg the best example of a planned British settlement in North America, as it retains its original layout and appearance.

12: Lunenburg is so colorful because in the 1800s the local captains of the fishing vessels painted their houses the same bright colors as their boats!


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