Virtual Trivia With Joelle Gogol: August 2023

Here at The Barnacle, we have been proud to honour the winners of Trivia With Joelle Gogol at The Knot Pub every month since February 2023 by committing their names to print. (We also participate and try our best but only won once this year, in February.)

With summer comes The Knot’s trivia off-season – but fret not, fact lovers, Trivia with Joelle resumes in September.

To tide you over until then, practice for the upcoming 23/24 season with these trivia questions provided by Joelle Gogol herself!

Q: What year did Lunenburg gain its UNESCO World Heritage Site status?

Q: Lunenburg was named in 1753 after the Duke of _____ who had become _____ of Great Britain.

Q: Lunenburg is the ancestral land of the Mi’kmaq who called their land āseedĭk, meaning _____.


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