Where Are All The People? A Call To Show Up

As busy summer schedules shift into the calmer fall rhythms, I find more and more community events cross my social media feeds and street-side bulletin boards.

After two winters of living in Lunenburg County, I have loved that community events seem to ramp up come the end of tourism season, as if we are turning inwards to ourselves after serving all the visitors.

Last winter was teeming with opportunities to meet new people and try new activities. Learn to curl in Lunenburg sold out with a massive cohort and art classes filled with participants. In a new covid era, it was clear folks were eager to get out of the house.

It may be too early to tell, and the seasonal affective disorder symptoms are sure to add to this effect, but I have noticed a concerning trend in community events so far this fall – there are less people showing up.

Fundraiser seats sit empty, markets seem quieter and waterfront activities seem sparsely attended.

Where are all the people?

Have we lost the zest for supporting the rich music, arts and culture in Lunenburg County? Does the increased cost of living mean we’re having to cut out these extracurriculars?

I’m hoping my anecdotal evidence is lacking data points, and with the lasting warm weather folks are still gearing up to support local games nights and poetry readings come the dark of winter. Maybe this is just a nudge for you to set a reminder for that fundraiser you wanted to attend or to buy a ticket for that concert your friend told you about and prove me wrong.


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  1. Teresa Quilty

    Sal, I have had a busy several months so am curious about the trend you mentioned. Duncan and I are viewing fewer commitments in late Fall as our time to re-engage! We want to play trivia at the Knot!
    Any suggestions on how to put together a team that wants to have fun and perform not badly?

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