What Does This Waterfall Have?

(Illustration: Charles Weiss)

A coffee break by a waterfall. Where could I find one that wasn’t too far off the road?

I asked around on the internet, social media, and at my local gas station. I selected a repeated recommendation of Firebrook Fall. I only had a short amount of time and Kayak Falls II is further away up Smith Road on the way to Midville. Also further north of the area is Indian Falls, over near Newburne.

I was near Bridgewater and this was the closest falls. I parked on the side of the road near a small bridge and looked for an opening in the hardwood trees. A well-worn short trail leads to the shallow pool at the bottom. This fall is on private land and a short visit to take a photo is reasonable considering it’s a marvellous scenic spot. Remember to only leave footprints and no litter behind.

A tiered rock face rising 11 metres is impressive and changes direction at each tier. The pool at the base of the falls has a visually interesting swirling circular current.

If possible, people should make an effort to go beyond the town limits. Travelling around a lot of corners of Canada has allowed me to understand that Nova Scotia can be considered as among the best and most beautiful places. “Gapsgw” is how they say waterfall in Micmac.
Waterfalls of Nova Scotia, written and photographed by Benoit Lalonde, advises when seeking waterfalls – never turn back, because you never know, the waterfall might be just around the next bend!

Charles Weiss is an artist and writer living for the past few years in Pleasantville. He is originally from Southern Ontario where he illustrated and wrote editorial stories for newspapers and magazines including the Toronto Star and Real Fishing magazine. He regularly exhibits his paintings and sculptures in the Lunenburg Art Gallery.


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