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Tastee Freeze reopens for another tasty year

Hebbville Tastee Freeze is a traditional family restaurant which started in the 1950s. This restaurant is very close to the hearts of local residents as they spend family time and cherish childhood memories of this place.

People know that as soon as spring starts, the Hebbville Tastee Freeze opens their doors for a tasty adventure.

This restaurant is currently owned by Iraj Tariq, who has been in the restaurant field for decades.

Tariq believes in providing quality to every customer. He has started home cut fries this year. The meat and chicken is supplied everyday by a local meat shop to maintain the freshness.

Some of the main ice cream attractions are swirl, black liquorice, coffee and dipped cones. Food attractions are poutine, cheeseburger and mozza burger. There are some new flavours and food items added to the menu of 2023.

Hebbville Tastee Freeze made it to the top three finalists in the hospitality category in Lunenburg-Queens Business Excellence Awards last year.

Hebbville Tastee Freeze opened on April 11. We hope you will come find your favourite burger or ice cream!

Iraj Tariq is the owner of Hebbville Tastee Freeze.


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