Stirring The Pot On Facebook Is What Makes Our Town Great

(Illustration: Will Maclachlan)

The person who has had the most positive impact on the Town of Lunenburg in the past 15 years isn’t one of our politicians, journalists or local business owners. No, despite having never set foot in Nova Scotia, the greatest contributor to Lunenburg County’s wellbeing is actually San Francisco resident Mark Zuckerburg. 

I for one would like to offer him a heartfelt thanks for all that he and his website, have done for us. 

Facebook has not only revolutionized the way that we buy each other’s trash, it has revolutionized our civic life. By making local politics more accessible and emotional than ever, the voices of our town’s most aggressive oafs, fussiest retirees and most self important kooks are finally being heard on a neverending daily basis. As a result, our community has been blessed with a healthy sense of impending doom.

Before Facebook came along and freed us from the tyranny of thinking before we speak, municipal issues were dry, dull, mundane affairs. But now that I can postlong, unformatted screeds full of SHOUTY CAPS FOR EMPHASIS on any local issue without leaving the comfort of my toilet seat, I feel empowered.

True change is only possible when everyone tells everyone else all of their unfiltered knee jerk thoughts, absolutely all the time. Every point of view should be given equal consideration, no matter how asinine, NIMBYist, blatantly misleading, impossible to implement, or just plain mean spirited. Thankfully, this is now possible.

Generously, Mr. Zuckerburg has given us this powerful tool free of charge. But for all the hours of meaningful connection with my fellow Lunenburgers, and people who don’t live anywhere near here but are active on local Facebook groups, I would pay any price.

Without Facebook, this town would BE “RUINED FOR EVER”! I’ve heard they want to censor it in Lunenburg! THIS IS CRIMINAL! SHARE IF YOU AGREE!

Bryn Pottie is a Lunenburg High School graduate. You can find him at


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