String of Vandalism Linked To Extremist Group

(Illustration: Jessie McLaughlin)

The Lunenburg District RCMP and Bridgewater Police are investigating a series of complaints of markings being spray painted on public and private property.

The symbol, a black flag with a white diagonal stripe, is associated with the right-wing extremist group Diagolon.

According to a CBC interview with Town of Bridgewater Mayor David Mitchell, there are about a half dozen incidents in town. An email from the RCMP writes, “Lunenburg District RCMP has received seven complaints of markings being spray painted on rocks and infrastructure along roadways since January 25, 2024, with the most recent report having been received on May 17.”

Mayor Mitchell expresses concern over the incidents and asks residents to not dismiss the graffiti as a joke or just vandalism. 

“My concern is that people who are frustrated with whatever order of government see this symbol as “I’m also frustrated and they’re frustrated”, not realizing perhaps that that means they are also supporting a group that is promoting all these terrible things. We can’t separate that.”

The symbol was found in mid-May on the Pride staircase that connects King Street with Pleasant Street. In response to the incident, local organization Petite Queer Pride hosted a “Gays with Garlic Fingers” event in the alleyway to counter the graffiti with a large gathering of queer joy.

In a statement issued to The Barnacle, Petite Queer Pride writes, “Gathering together helps us to gather our strength, build connections, and create resilience… We keep each other safer by connecting with our neighbours, planning ahead for how to respond to acts of hate, communicating with stakeholders and public officials, and looking out for one another.”

The RCMP believes the incidients are connected. They are working with the Bridgewater Police to identify individuals who may be responsible.


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