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Ross Farm Museum should be your next weekend trip

Spending several hours touring a heritage farm museum is not how many twenty-somethings would choose to spend their spare time, but let me try and convince you why a trip to Ross Farm Museum in New Ross should top your list of summer activities.

The museum property is extensive including heritage animals, a blacksmith shop, a stave mill, an 1817 cottage and a schoolhouse, among other buildings. On most days you’ll find interpreters bringing these spaces to life, making it feel like you’re on a working farm from 150 years ago.

What makes this living museum special is the knowledge that these interpreters, young and old, hold. Did you know an ox can’t stand on three legs, so it needs to be hoisted up in a hammock contraption to be shoed? I didn’t! Did you know an ox is just a castrated working bull? I also didn’t know that!

On top of that, their team is doing a bang-up job staying relevant while interpreting 19th-and-20th century farming history. In my circles there’s been a huge shift towards homesteading and hobby-farming, and Ross Farm hosts hands-on workshops that routinely sell out.

If that hasn’t sold you on the idea of roaming a heritage property for the day, then maybe the prospect of cuddling a calf, sampling a fresh baked treat from the cottage home or taking a horse-drawn wagon ride will be your ticket into this gem on Highway 12. 

I suggest making a whole day out of your visit to New Ross this spring, and include a stop at the Peasant’s Pantry for lunch.


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