Howdy, Neighbour! Meet Suni Ferreira

(Photo: Jesse Ward)

“Sri Lankan curry, nobody knew what it was,” says Suni Ferreira when asked about her first few months serving up her homemade food at the Lunenburg Farmer’s Market.

When the civil war ended in Sri Lanka in 2009, Suni and her husband packed what they could and moved to Nova Scotia with $400 in their pockets.

During the uncertainty of moving to a new country, Suni found familiarity and community in her cooking. 

People loved the new flavours her culture’s cuisine brought to the South Shore and after giving it away to friends for so long, someone suggested she set up a booth at the market. 

Demand grew quickly and she eventually realised she needed to expand.

“I kinda felt in my heart the time for transition,” says Suni.

With the help of her regular customers, she secured a cafe space on Lincoln Street where she’s been serving up curries for three years.

“When I first started, the Mayor, he used to walk in and get a few things but later on he told me, “Suni, I didn’t think you’d survive,” says Ferreira. Suni is likely the first South Asian restaurant in Lunenburg.

Suni attributes a lot of her success to the welcoming environment of the Farmer’s Market. Having worked as an aid worker in Sri Lanka for many years, she was hoping to find the same sense of community in her new home. 

Savoury curries and other Sri Lankan dishes aren’t the only thing you can get at Lamprai & Spice Cafe.

As a teenager, Suni used to bake for her family. When she opened the cafe she trained herself to make cakes which she now offers with every lunch service.

“It’s my first passion, making cakes and pastries. I wish I had gone to a pastry school,” shares Suni.

Now, four days a week you can try her homemade curries and cakes out of her cafe. You’ll want to make sure you get there early as it’s not unusual for there to be a lineup and for the cafe to be sold out shortly after the lunch rush.

You can check out the Facebook page where Suni keeps us updated with the ever changing menu.


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