Howdy, Neighbour! Meet Danielle Southcott

(Photo: Carmen Cumming)

Meet Danielle Southcott. Despite having just moved to the South Shore, this tail ship enthusiast has already made a name for herself in our community.

You can Google her many accolades, but the Barnacle sat down with this young CEO to hear a little of what brought her here.

From her first job as a fiddle busker on the streets of Kingston, Ontario to starting SAILCARGO in the jungle of Costa Rica – oh, and learning Dutch to get her sailing papers in the Netherlands – Danielle has amassed a lifetime of nautical knowledge and experience.

Over a decade ago she was invited by Dan Moreland, captain of the Picton Castle, to attend the ship’s Bosun School. Although she never finished the program, having jumped ship to sail aboard Highlander Sea, her three months in Lunenburg stuck with her. 

When asked why she and her husband finally came around to moving here, Danielle answers, “There is almost nowhere else in the world that I can hang out in a sauna or a dinner party with up to like six master mariners my age that all know what they’re talking about when it comes to sail power. It’s very alive here.”

Our oceanside paradise makes sense for Danielle, who recently started working full-time to make the vision of her company, Veer, a reality, to deploy the first clean container ship to cross an ocean.

Her presentation mid-February to a passionate Lunenburg crowd got the town abuzz about this exciting new venture.

If you see this eager young mariner about, make sure you ask about the future of green shipping. She’s one to watch out for.

You can follow Veer on Instagram at and sign up to the newsletter at to follow progress on Danielle’s mission.


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