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Artist Seeks Lunenburg Cats To Paint for Community Printmaking Event

(One of Tremain’s cat watercolours. Illustration: @lunenburgcats)

If you live in the Town of Lunenburg and have a cat, Allison Tremain wants to paint them and gift you a watercolour.

Tremain, artist about town, is hosting a public printmaking event in March where you can meet other local cat owners and press down an inked rubber block depicting your cat onto a big piece of paper.

“We get to know our neighbours through animals,” says Tremain. “They break down barriers between people. I love cats and dogs, but there’s something about seeing cats around Lunenburg.”

Tremain needs 50 cats for the project, and she wants to include yours. You can follow @lunenburgcats on Instagram as Tremain shares her illustrations leading up to the printmaking day.

To get involved, message that profile, or email Please provide a front profile photo of your cat with its name and any details relevant to interpreting their personality – favourite sleeping position, food, toy, etc.

Perhaps best of all, you will get to keep the original watercolour, which you may wish to frame and put up as a reminder of who really runs your house.

The print version of this article incorrectly identified the Instagram page @lunenburgcats.


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  1. Charles Weiss

    Funny story on cats?

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