The Ghosts of Lunenburg County

Have you ever noticed that everyone in Lunenburg County seems to have a good ghost story? Whether it be theirs or a friend’s, everyone has a story that starts with, “You won’t believe this but.”

These aren’t reserved for Halloween or campfires. I’ve had in-depth ghostly conversations everywhere from a child’s birthday party to the local hardware store. 

It could be the incredible old homes, the eerie coastal fog that rolls in from time to time, the rich Maritime history and of course, the Nova Scotian gift of gab.

It could simply be because I ask … but I have lived all over Canada and there is nowhere that feels quite as proudly haunted as Lunenburg County.

You won’t believe this, but over the holidays, we had an encounter of our own.

While visiting with family, we pulled out the tarot cards and over candlelight, took a glimpse into our futures.

Everyone went off to bed and as we were tucked into ours, my husband and I heard heavy footsteps on the stairs.

Our dog often decides to sleep in our room, so my husband got up to let her in.

He opened the door and … nothing.

Just an empty hallway.

She was sleeping silently in her bed downstairs.

We have lived in our 175-year-old house for a year and now we finally have a story to tell.

Now, it’s your turn! Do you have a haunted house or a ghost story to share? Email with the subject: Ghosts


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