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PET OF THE MONTH: A Second Chance for Nadja, Cat of Port Medway

(Photo contributed)

Name: Nadja
Family: Audra and Haritha Rosefinch
Community: Port Medway

Haritha and I saw Nadja’s picture as we were getting set to move from Toronto to the South Shore. 

After losing our beloved 21 year old cat Zoe (formerly the Meanest Cat in Halifax), we’d been longing for another senior cat. The plan was once we’d moved, we’d find another old gal who really needed us. 

But that plan didn’t stop me from browsing Toronto cat rescue listings when I should have been packing. And the listing for Nadja (then called Kiah) was a doozy. It began:

A couple of months ago, we got contacted about a senior cat who was about to be shot in the head by its owner somewhere in northern Ontario.

And it didn’t get much better from there. 

It broke my heart that after she’d nearly starved to death in an unfinished basement, no one wanted to be her family. The shelter said I was the first person who had expressed any interest at all. 

(Photo contributed)

For some people, a fifteen year old cat is a hard sell. But Haritha said there was fight in her eyes, and that was enough for us. We’d found our hard-luck cat; we now hoped she liked cross-country road trips.

With Haritha behind the wheel of our Golf and Nadja on my lap we made the perilous drive east together. She was her version of agreeable about it, alternating between purring and growling when I petted her.

She’s having a great retirement above our general store in Port Medway. After her humble beginnings, she now comes and gets us when she wants to be lifted into our linen closet, would like a little hug from Haritha, or expects me to share my lunch with her. 

She’s still the cat most likely to have a dead spider in her tail. And to us, she gets more perfect every day.

(Photo contributed)


2 responses to “PET OF THE MONTH: A Second Chance for Nadja, Cat of Port Medway”

  1. Teresa Smiley

    She is such a sweetie and so fortunate to have you two.??

  2. Grace Stevens

    So glad you and Nadja found each other. A happy ending for all ?

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