Pearl’s Precious Gems: Daina Tavenier

If you have ever visited Nº 9 Coffee Bar, you may have met this precious gem behind the counter. Daina Tavenier is this issue’s featured local style crush. 

Daina is an avid gardener, musical theater enthusiast and lover of thrift. We sat down with Daina to discuss their all-time favourite find.

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What’s your favourite piece you own?

I happen to be wearing it right now – this hat. It’s actually a hunting cap and it’s not supposed to be worn this way. I just decided I wanted it to be jaunty and pointing up. It kinda looks like a propeller hat and I love it. I don’t like brushing my hair in the morning so I like to cover it up with this hat and it kinda just became my iconic look.

Where did you get it from? How long have you had it?

I got it at the flea market in Halifax, probably about 12 years ago. I wear it everyday in the winter. It’s from a company in Winnipeg called Crown Cap and it just happened to be there.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I used to call my style “Space Cowboy” – I feel like Lil Nas X really embodies this in an extreme way. But it’s since changed to an “Android Sherlock” idea, as in Data from Star Trek dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

I really love people like Celine Dion and Diane Keaton who are really owning their fashion style. They feel really brave and are making choices they maybe wouldn’t have made when they were younger. I love Grace Jones and David Bowie too… I just like to add something unexpected to my outfit every day.

Any local fashion crushes?

Elaine Sanford – she’s a costume designer in town. I adore her and she comes into the café all the time. She’s a thrift master and a Frenchy’s champion so I’m always looking to see what she is wearing when I see her.

She’s also a very studied tailor/designer/costumer and knows how to alter things really well. She once gave me an elaborate tutorial on how to make cartridge pleats for a Victorian ruff only using a napkin!

Any hot thrifting tips?

Go often and set aside as much time as you have. And if you only have time for one section, look at every single thing in that one section. You have to look at everything because if you don’t, you probably missed something.


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  1. Tricia Fish

    Daina! Always love to see what they wear. ❤️ I love this Barnacle series.

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