Good Dog Books To Open In Bridgewater

As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. Now, in Bridgewater, when a movie theatre closes, a bookstore opens. As Bridgewavians mourn the closing of Cineplex, they can look forward to the opening of Good Dog Books in July. 

Readers in Lunenburg County are certainly familiar with Lunenburg Bound, one of the members of the bookstore power trifecta on Montague Street. Michael Higgins, Mads Higgins, and Tyler LeBlanc of Lunenburg Bound are the co-owners of Good Dog Books, a bookstore set to open on King Street. 

The new store will be slightly smaller than Lunenburg Bound and will offer the same wide variety of genres, both new and used. Good Dog Books also has a view of the LaHave River, and Mads Higgins and LeBlanc intend to capitalize on the view by creating a cozy sitting space by the window. 

This accessible building’s other major perk is being situated right by Rascals Burrito Bar. What reader doesn’t want a snack to go with their new book?

Mads and Tyler have lots of intriguing ideas for their new business. As the shop’s name is an homage to canine appreciation, they dream of taking Polaroid photos of dogs who visit the shop and posting the photos on a wall. They’re already working away on Good Dog Books merchandise, which is being designed by Emily Powers. They also plan on hosting events in the shop, such as book readings and community meetings. 

Tyler says that in trying to conceive a name for the shop, he sent a Google Doc of name ideas to his co-collaborators. He added Good Dog Books to the end of the list more as a joke than anything, but Mads liked the name. The name holds a serendipitous connection; Mads confesses to keeping a picture book under the cashier counter at Lunenburg Bound called Good Dog, which simply features pictures of adorable dogs (they sometimes flip through it when they need a cute dog pick-me-up). Tyler hadn’t known this at the time, and so the coincidental name stuck. 

An opening party is being planned for the beginning of July. Once the doors of Good Dog Books open, be sure to stop by to grab your summer read. 


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