Letter To The Editor: Pressure Mounting on Municipal Governments for Ceasefire Response

(Photo contributed)

On Saturday, March 2nd, approximately 170 community members responded to the call for a
one-hour emergency rally in solidarity with the Global Day of Action: Millions March for
Palestine. People of all ages from across the county came together to demand an immediate
and lasting Ceasefire after a week of escalating hostilities in Gaza.

“We called an emergency rally to urge our leaders to do everything they can to prevent Israel’s
ground invasion on Rafah,” a South Shore Ceasefire Now (SSCN) organizer said. Other
demands included reinstating UNRWA funding, an arms embargo and immediately sanctioning Israel.

Included in the route was a stop outside the North American headquarters of Stelia Aerospace,
a local facility that manufactures body panels and parts for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet.
Outside, protester’s placards read “Stop Arming Israel” and “Peace Now”.

After a successful bid to move Bridgewater Town Council to make a statement in support of a
Ceasefire, SSCN presented a similar appeal to the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
(MODL) on Tuesday, March 5th. The central request was for the Mayor and Councillors to pass a motion calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. SSCN cited MODL’s 2023 commitments to Equity and Inclusion, anti-discrimination, and anti-racism, as well as its
outpouring of support for Ukraine in 2022, as evidence of its responsibility and capacity to pass
the motion.

SSCN is optimistic that MODL will be receptive. Support has been strong and consistent, with
the community raising over $4 000 for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, and a local petition gathering approximately 250 signatures.


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