LaHave Craft Co-op re-opens for season

(Photo: Peter Zwicker)

South Shore residents know about the delicious coffee and baked goods at LaHave Bakery, as well as the literary gems to be discovered at LaHave River Books, tucked away on the other side of the building.

But how many are in the know about the LaHave Craft Co-op?

The LaHave Craft Co-op, a non-profit group of local crafters that started in 1993, operates out of LaHave Bakery from May until October each year.

(Photo: Peter Zwicker)

Marie Troyer, a member of the Co-op, says the Co-op sells “purely local crafts.”

The Co-op creates an opportunity for artists to sell their work without having to sell directly through a store.

Some of the crafts sold there are leather, jewelry, glasswork, paintings, and woodwork. Troyer specializes in “really intricate paperwork,” creating items like cards and ornaments. 

You can peruse and purchase these local crafts at LaHave Bakery from 10-4, seven days a week.


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  1. Alison F Strachan

    Been going since 1993 – Gael runs a well-rounded outfit!

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