Howdy, Neighbour! Meet Jean McKiel

On a warm spring day at Lunenburg’s picturesque Bluenose Golf Club, you’ll meet lots of avid golfers taking advantage of the good weather. One of the regulars is Jean McKiel, a 94-year-old Lunenburger.

Jean grew up in England. She recalls being put in charge of her family garden at the age of five during World War II. It comes as no surprise, then, that Jean is a masterful gardener as well as a golfer. Her home garden in Old Town is beautiful and well-tended.

After her husband’s passing fourteen years ago, Jean was in search of an active hobby. She first learned how to golf by observing golfers while tending to the garden beds at the Bluenose Golf Club. She’s entirely self taught and she’s not shy about her impressive skills. As well as golfing, Jean curls in the winter. She holds the unverified title of being the oldest competitive curler in Canada.

When asked about her best golfing story, Jean told me that she once opted for a putter instead of a driver on the eighth hole of the golf course. “I whacked it, and it went in the hole!” she says. Jean says using the putter is her strong suit; it takes a lot of patience to line up the perfect shot.

If you encounter a 94-year-old on the eighth hole, it very well could be Jean McKiel. Be sure to say hi, but don’t interrupt her when she’s in the zone on the putting green!


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