Can’t Miss Tasty Fundraising

(Illustration: Charles Weiss)

On a chill but sunny January Saturday morning, folks were heading to the door of the Maplewood/Parkdale Hall. It’s a small, close-knit community set among farmlands, rural roads, and hills. 

The scene had a welcome appeal: people waiting with anticipation to  rub elbows with neighbours near and far…and eating breakfast.

Yes, eating breakfast. Pancakes with real maple syrup! This community raises money with this breakfast opportunity to fund the expenses of running the hall.

For a reasonable price of 12 dollars–money well spent—you get eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes, and three slices of toast (not four slices). You can always ask for more. Served on silverware utensils and ceramic plates and cups. Plus tea, coffee, and juice. 

Joanne, the contact for the breakfast, mentioned that since COVID the breakfasts have increased to every month, except November and December when many people are out harvesting Christmas trees. She said that the 4H Club youth volunteer to clean off the tables and a dozen people are helping in the kitchen quickly serving and prepping over the hot stoves and coffee pots. These breakfast have continued for over ten years.

Promoting the breakfast is taken care of through local churches, weekly newspaper and radio ads.

It’s worth the drive to the Maplewood area at least once a month. Bring your appetite!

Charles Weiss is an artist and writer living for the past few years in Pleasantville. He is originally from Southern Ontario where he illustated and wrote editorial stories for newspapers and magazines including the Toronto Star and Real Fishing magazine. He regularly exhibits his paintings and sculptures in Lunenburg Art Gallery.


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