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Advice From a Centenarian

(Photo: Katy Maclachlan)

I met Merf serendipitously at Cherry Hill during the last weekend of April. He shared that he had just turned 100. What a milestone!

As a photographer, I’m always eager to capture humans who have stories & experiences worth sharing.

Thankfully, I had my camera in the car and Merf was more than willing to have a portrait photograph taken. Wishing you all the best in your 100th year, Merf. Thank you for your wisdom & kindness!

(Photo: Katy Maclachlan)

Merf was willing to share some advice with all of us at The Barnacle:

What’s one piece of advice you could share after living for 100 years?

“Live with good cooks!”

What’s your best birthday memory?

This 100th birthday has been wonderful – a classical piano concert and a week of family time in NS!


3 responses to “Advice From a Centenarian”

  1. Alison F Strachan

    lovely chat and photo of Merf!

    1. Marja Moed

      Happy Birthday Merf. A inspiration to us all! Amazing you travelled from Ontario to Lunenburg to celebrate your Birthday. Many more years!!!

  2. Nancy Wilson

    I want to look that good, have that wit and be on a beach in April when I’m 100 years old!

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