QUIZ: What Lunenburg County Intersection is Your Love Language?

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They say there are five love languages.

Acts of service…
Quality time…

The most powerful type of romantic love you can experience is when you and your partner speak each other's love languages. This is a love so incredible it can make any inconvenience, like an interruption in your commute, totally insignificant.

Even being held back is bearable, when you’re enjoying being held.

But being vulnerable enough to open yourself up to this kind of love comes with risk.

Showing someone exactly how to love you also shows them exactly how to hurt you.

And living in Lunenburg County, practically, means seeing your lover may require driving to the other side of the river or even Halifax, which comes with literal physical risks.

On these trips, in solitary moments of longing for safe passage in romance and actual driving, sometimes, well, your wires get a little crossed with metaphors.

You find yourself wondering … which Lunenburg County intersection is my love language?

You know you that special someone might really be the one once…

You start finishing each other’s sentences.
You show each other patience even when you’re in a hurry.
You know them well enough to identify the perfect novelty mug for them.
You find yourself eager to go the extra mile – or even 14.6km – for them.
You feel totally disoriented, and want to take things further so fast you forego all caution.


7 responses to “QUIZ: What Lunenburg County Intersection is Your Love Language?”

  1. Tricia Fish


  2. Eli Hopp


  3. charles weiss

    ADERDEEN and NORTH, Bridgewater

  4. Erin


  5. S

    The Blockhouse 4 Way stop suddenly got a whole lot more romantic.

  6. Anne

    Old Blue Rocks Rd and Shoreline Dr

  7. Anna

    Indian path bridge, ahh yes. Let’s take our time in love.

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