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QUIZ: Which Lunenburg County wintry beach should you longingly gaze over?

The snow is falling hard outside and you’re snowed in for the afternoon. You grab a book, a blanket and what drink?

A simple mug of locally roasted coffee from Laughing Whale doctored to your liking.
Rich and velvety peppermint hot chocolate made by your favourite barista at The Barn.
Lake City Cider Cranberry Apple Cider with cranberries from Terra Beata on Heckmans Island.
A comforting cup of Tranquility Bay from the Tea Brewery in Mahone Bay.

You’ve been out all morning at yet another holiday craft market. What do you spend the rest of your day doing?

Taking a brisk winter walk on the rails-to-trails and shaking all the snow off the heavy tree branches.
Driving around town after dark and admiring all the best festive light displays.
Ice skating with your friends on Beck Lake.
Cozying up by the fire with the latest Hallmark Christmas movie and pointing out all the local buildings and businesses you recognize.

You’ve heard the Raffi Christmas album one too many times. What do you turn to for reprieve?

A Maritime Christmas playlist on Spotify.
Nothing. You only want to hear the rhythmic sounds of waves crashing on the shore.
The jaunty tunes of Diggin’ Up Grubs playing at the Mug and Anchor.
Reprieve? Who needs reprieve from Raffi? You follow it up with Mariah Carey, Bing Crosby and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

You finally have a Sunday without any friends, family or guests. It’s just you at home. What do you have for supper?

Acadian meat pie you made from an old family recipe.
Whatever leftovers are in the fridge.
Hearty seafood chowder from The Knot Pub.
Classic spaghetti and meatballs.

Select your winter reading material:

A cozy mystery novel set in a coastal village.
A coffee-table book filled with photos of Nova Scotia’s waterfalls.
A Maritime history book exploring Lunenburg's seafaring past.
A poetry compilation about the LaHave river.


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