Author: Chris Jackman

  • Surviving the Song That Doesn’t End

    Surviving the Song That Doesn’t End

    Exposure to music is beneficial for children. Scientific studies indicate that music can assist with language acquisition, sensorimotor development, and emotional regulation. However, research rarely considers the impact of children’s music on parents, with symptoms ranging from irritability and nausea to mania and dissociation. Here is some crucial advice for new parents.

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  • The Magic is Gone

    The Magic is Gone

    Driving through Bridgewater has been uncomfortable, and not just because I’m worried my brakes will fail and I’ll careen into the LaHave. It’s because of the enormous “HP” on the mall, hanging next to the Sport Chek, written in a once-loved lightning font.

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  • Eastern Hospitality

    Eastern Hospitality

    Atlantic Canadians may be known for being neighbourly, but I’m competitive about it.

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