Eastern Hospitality

Atlantic Canadians may be known for being neighbourly, but I’m competitive about it. 

I’m the latest in a line of Neurotic NewfsTM whose hospitality was forged on The Rock and keened on generations of mummering arseholes. 

If you come borrowing a screwdriver, I’ll try to stuff your gullet, top up your glass, make up the cot, and feed you eggs n’ baccy tomorrow.

You Nova Scotians merely adopted high standards of hospitality.  I was born in it, moulded by it.  Only after your third helping of roast will you have my permission to die(t).

Here’s my dilemma: my family just moved into Riverport’s Old Confidence Lodge, partly to feed that compulsion, throwing open our doors and hosting good times professionally

But with a new home, new business, and our new baby besides, everything’s in boxes or in shambles.  I can barely scrape up a homemade meal.  I just can’t host.  I have to (*dry heave*) rely on others. 

Yet in doing so, I’ve learned something.

You see, I expected neighbours walking into our kitchen as we unpacked, or random folks pulling their cars over to offer babysitting or dog-walking.  These casual intimacies are de rigueur when you live out east, or have been dating for 6 months anywhere else.

Still, I’ve found it’s one thing to be set on the teat of hospitality, and it’s another to be drawn into the fold. 

Not just “come have a meal,” but also, “come meet these people,” or “come join this committee.”  “Get away from the kids’ table, make this place your own.” 

There’s an unspoken demand I stand up and be part of something more, and honestly, I love it.  Makes it feel like home.

So thanks to my new friends for the lesson, for their screwdrivers, and for the occasional kick in the arse.  I’m happy to jump in, and to be a part of this place that we’re building together. 

Just remember though: when my kitchen is finally unpacked, it’s all over for you bastards.


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  1. MJ Martino

    Nice piece, Chris. I still can’t believe you’re opening next week with a babe in arms on the go. Good on ya, and break a leg.

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