The Mall Is Still The Best Place To Kill 30-40 Minutes In Bridgewater

(Illustration: Jessie McLaughlin)

Even in our increasingly online world, one fact about living on the South Shore remains inevitable: at some point, you’re going to find yourself in Bridgewater, having to wait around for something.

For decades, the Bridgewater Mall has been a place you can rely on to kill some time. (Except of course, for that fateful day in October 2001 when it was shut down early because a dusty box in Zellers was mistaken for anthrax).

Now that iconic stores like CD Plus, Randy River and San Francisco are gone, some say that a trip to the Bridgewater Mall is like visiting a terminally sick friend: nostalgic but depressing.

However, if you have about half an hour to 45 minutes between appointments in Bridgewater, the mall’s central location and variety of options still makes it a better place to putter around than Walmart, The Plaza or the LCLC.

Sure, Winners and Rossy aren’t as fun as Zellers, but they’re still a solid browse. Some of the clothes in there are pretty nice! They’ve got some fun toys and stuff you can look at, too. Plus, you can really get your steps in by walking from one to the other. That’s 20 minutes right there, easy.

Shoppers Drug Mart isn’t the most exciting store in the world, but you probably need something from there. That will both kill some time, and make you feel productive. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you only have to spend two minutes outdoors to get into Dollarama. They probably have something going on.

The Source, Coles and the funky candy store are reliable time fillers as well. Sure, you’re probably not going to buy any over-ear headphones, new hardcovers or imported soda bottles, but they’re all pretty fun to pick up and look at for a bit.

That particular NSLC location is no one’s first choice, but why not stop by while you’re here? Same with Sobeys. I’m not saying you should switch over from Superstore or anything, but it’s worth checking out. They might have some deals!

And although Yogen Fruz has long since moved on, you can still round out your visit by grabbing a coffee at Tim’s, sitting at a table and going on your phone for a while. Plus once they get that Pizza Hut, it’s gonna smell great over there! 

The bathrooms are clean and not affiliated with any store, so before leaving, you can relieve yourself  without feeling judged for not buying anything. Not too shabby at all.

Before you know it, you’ll be ready to move on to the next part of your day. And while you may not be excited about your 30-40 minutes in the Bridgewater Mall, you’ll definitely feel like it was better than just sitting in your car the whole time.

Bryn Pottie is a Lunenburg High School graduate. You can find him at


2 responses to “The Mall Is Still The Best Place To Kill 30-40 Minutes In Bridgewater”

  1. Gabriele Thomas

    Malls may be considered outdated but they are great spaces for the elderly. Easy and accessible to walk in, out of the weather, and opportunities to run errands and meet friends.

  2. Marc

    A visit to Mark’s is worth an easy twenty minutes…
    Please add this to the list of ‘South Shore Centre” attractions, Bryn.

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