The Corners At The Blockhouse Four-Way Stop, Ranked

It’s no exaggeration to say the Blockhouse four-way stop is the Lunenburg area’s definitive crossroads.

Whether going to Mahone Bay, Bridgewater, or Highway 103, the Blockhouse Four-Way is our gateway to the greater world. 

There’s no right or wrong way to go, adventure awaits behind each stop sign. 

But if you ever find yourself unsure of which way to turn, here are the definitive power rankings of the four corners.

FOUR: The Empty Corner

This corner may be full of potential, but as of now it’s bringing up the rear. 

Last summer’s construction generated a lot of buzz that this corner was ready to make some big moves. 

But when it turned out they were just building a house and not a cool store or restaurant, the hype quickly faded. 

It’s a young corner, and it’s been proven that something can be built there. Keep an eye on this one, it may not be in the basement for long.

THREE: Printer’s Corner

The fact that this corner is so low on the list is a testament to the strength of this four-way stop. 

The artistic side of the four-way has always had a home here, and not just because it’s where you can buy stationery. 

The LED sign at the print shop displays clever turns of phrase and inspirational quotes to weary travelers. The mural on the garage serves as an all too important reminder that Global Warming Is NOT A Myth. 

But this corner isn’t content to rest on its laurels. 

While it lacks the curb appeal of the Ali’s General Store’s open-air rummage sale, the brand new “Antique Mall” promises to disrupt the second-hand trinket ecosystem of the four-way stop and beyond.

TWO: General Store Corner

For many years, Ali’s General store has been the reliable anchor of the four way stop.

Soft serve, subs and more make this convenience store a worthy peer of Mike’s Kwik Way. 

While the outdoor weekend flea market may not be the only game in town anymore, it’s long been what made the four way stop a summer destination. 

Even as this corner learns to share the spotlight, it’s kept itself fresh and relevant by embracing its funkier side. 

A little off the beaten path, Chicory Blue and the Waldorf School provide baked goods and public puppet shows to residents with more adventurous tastes. It’s no wonder people say that this is where you make the turn to BernArt Maze both literally and spiritually.

ONE: Post Office Corner

As the last corner you pass on your way out of Lunenburg before the highway, this is the part of Blockhouse that leaves you wanting more.

There’s something for everyone in this murderer’s row of Blockhouse institutions. The Post Office and Fire Hall may not be flashy – although keen observers will note, the fence around the fire hall parking lot is made out of an old hose – but they’re key gathering places for the community. 

The Lantzalot Game Store gives Lunenburg County’s geek culture a physical gathering space for the first time since the closure of Wilkie’s Wonderful World many years ago. 

And of course it houses Blockhouse’s crown jewel, Boulangerie La Vendéenne. The chocolate tarts from this bakery alone are enough to clinch the coveted number one seed.

Bryn Pottie is a Lunenburg High School graduate. You can find him at


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