QUIZ: Which local holiday market gift should you seek?

(Illustration: Onya Hogan-Finlay)

Lunenburg County often feels like the charming pastoral community in a fantasy video game you wish you could actually exist in.

As a child, I spent hours in a tiny seaside village in the GameCube game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I completely ignored my duties as hero of the realm and instead opted to talk to villagers and chase pigs.

Sometimes, we don’t want to have to fight scary trolls to get treasure chests. Sometimes, we just want to put on a cozy wool sweater, eat pastries, and chat with villagers. 

Holiday market season in Lunenburg County has incredible Stardew Valley vibes. Everywhere you look, crafters are selling their delightful wares: handknit mittens, candles, mugs, pastries, and jewelry. The amount of artistic and agricultural talent squeezed into this region is astonishing, and we should rejoice in it.

During holiday market season, the problem is never that you can’t find anything that you like. The problem is that there are too many amazing trinkets and treats to choose from.

This quiz was created to assist those lost souls with their dilemmas. Which item should you make a beeline for when you hit the holiday markets this month?

During the holiday season, it is most important for you to feel…

Peaceful and relaxed.
Well-fed and open to sweet cravings.
Refreshed and revitalized.
Cozy and quiet.

If an enchanted hand-knit sweater was to appear in your closet one December morning, what magical power would you want it to possess?

The power to hold one-hundred recipes in your head while wearing it.
The power to make you sleep soundly the night after wearing it.
The power to make the sweater’s wool smell like anything you want: Christmas trees, cinnamon, coffee, you name it!
The power to make it snow softly wherever you go while wearing it.

You come across a mystical holiday spirit disguised as an old man in the woods one snowy evening. He grants you the gift of an animal companion. Which animal would you like as your best friend?

A sleepy toad who loves to cozy up with you in a warm blanky.
An old barn owl that can only speak in cryptic haikus.
A grumpy badger who has a hankering for sweet treats.
A sassy heron that makes sarcastic observations about your life choices.

You’ve just been informed that your work/school is cancelled by heavy snowfall. What do you do?

Continue a craft/creative project you haven’t had time to do lately.
Start an adventurous baking operation: gingerbread men, cinnamon rolls, or chocolate shortbread—whatever you’re craving!
Invite some pals over for coffee or tea.
Grab a book and read in bed all morning.

Which colour best describes your mood when the cold weather comes around?

The soft grey of a November sky.
The vibrant red of winterberries.
The muted green of a cedar bough.
The deep, rich brown of a roasted chestnut.


2 responses to “QUIZ: Which local holiday market gift should you seek?”

  1. Gill P.

    Where my enchanted hand-knit sweater at, amirite

  2. Maggie

    Delightful exercise. I wondered if answers changed with my choices and they did. Well done and creative.

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