QUIZ: What South Shore Goblin Are You?

This month’s quiz iz presented to you as a collaboration with South Shore Goblins.

It’s Sunday morning, and you’re craving a hot beverage to wake you up. You go to your favorite café and order…

A steamy cup of swamp water garnished with a tiny lily pad.
A mushroom milk latte with a shot of caramel and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.
A shot of bitter black coffee made with rare coffee beans harvested from the Kingdom of Night.
A cup of herbal tea in a lumpy handmade pottery mug.

You’re feeling down and seeking some comfort. You decide to…

Drive to Bachman’s beach alone and write angsty poetry while watching the waves.
Visit New Ross Farm to talk through your feelings with the chickens (they understand you better than anyone).
Call up a friend and hike the Gaff Point Trail to identify interesting mushrooms and ferns.
Hide in your bedroom and make a tiny cabin out of popsicle sticks, pinecones, black glitter, and Elmer’s glue.

There’s a live band playing on the Lunenburg waterfront! You can be found…

Dancing in the center of the crowd, drawing friends and strangers into the chaos!
Observing the musicians from the middle of the crowd, analyzing their lyrics and nodding along to the beat.
Swaying back and forth with your eyes closed, completely lost in the tunes.
Eating a tuna sandwich on a nearby bench, only partially aware that live music is happening a few feet away from you.

You and your best friend find a mysterious spell book floating in the LaHave River. You immediately search for a spell that can…

Give you the ability to communicate with and befriend geese.
Teleport you to any location in Lunenburg County with a magic word. Imagine how many friends you could visit!
Summon an ancient and powerful sea monster named Gregorio who is bound to your will for one hundred years hence.
Gain a book’s knowledge simply by touching the cover. You’ll be the wisest goblin in the whole kingdom!

You’re heading out to a goblin gathering in Petite Riviere and want to look your best. Your outfit of choice is…

An old wool sweater that smells of mothballs and a jaunty hat that you found in a rosebush.
A long, elegant trench coat and a crisp button-up shirt.
A bright yellow t-shirt with an image of a caterpillar on it and a pair of dirt-stained overalls.
A pair of hiking boots and a rain jacket (you never know when it might rain!)


5 responses to “QUIZ: What South Shore Goblin Are You?”

  1. Sal

    im gooooooseboy!

    1. Allie

      I’m Acornhat!!

  2. Jared Papove

    Morgus 🙂

  3. I’m acornhat!!!

  4. Emma Halupka

    I loved this quiz immensely and resonate with my goblin – Acornhat!!

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