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What Nova Scotia Hot Summer 2023 Playlist Are You?

Sometimes it seems like all of the fancy music streaming services out there know exactly what you want to hear next, even if you have never heard it before.

But what if you could get a list of tunes even more personally tailored to you than the algorithm could ever predict?

What if you could listen to a playlist curated specifically to your tastes, specifically for you to enjoy over this Nova Scotia Hot Summer, by one of the editors of your own local rural alternative monthly newspaper?

Take this quiz to find out what Nova Scotia Hot Summer 2023 Playlist you are, then play it at your next barbeque and let us know how it goes in the comments.

What’s your vibe for a perfect Hot Nova Scotia Summer Day in 2023?

You’re at a wedding reception in Baddeck where the DJ has left their laptop unattended.
You’re playing an elaborate lawn game with friends where you attempt to fling a frisbee into a distant garbage can.
You’re picking strawberries just after sunrise on land that has never served a signal to a mobile phone.
You’re finding reprieve from the heat in the shade of a trail outside Mahone Bay, until the cemetery at the end piques your curiosity.

This quiz is designed to scientifically meet your personal needs for a Hot Nova Scotia Summer 2023 Playlist. Please choose the genre breakdown that best fulfills your desires.

48.8% Folk/Acoustic, 18.6% World/Traditional, 18.6% Rock, 9.3% Country, 2.3% Easy Listening, 2.3% Pop
33.3% Folk/Acoustic, 33.3% Rock, 16.7% World/Traditional, 7.1% Pop, 7.1% Country, 4.8% Blues
40.4% World/Traditional, 25.3% Folk/Acoustic, 23.2% Rock, 4.0% Country, 4.0% Blues, 2.0% Metal, 1.0% Hip Hop
100% World/Traditional

How much fiddle are you looking for, exactly?

I want to feel like I’m at the Salt Box Taproom on a Sunday afternoon.
Not much, honestly.
The normal amount.
The only time I do not want to hear a fiddle is when someone is about to tell a story about a fiddle I’m about to hear.

Choisissez une chanson de P’tit Belliveau.

Listen: Ej m’en fus by P’tit Belliveau
Listen: Les bateaux dans la baie by P’tit Belliveau
Listen: Mull River Shuffle by The Rankin Family
Listen: Income Tax by P’tit Belliveau

Ej m’en fus
Les bateaux dans la baie
Mull River Shuffle by The Rankin Family (Cette chanson n’est pas de P’tit Belliveau. S’il vous plaît, comprenez qu’il n’est pas facile d’écrire un quiz.)
Income Tax

What Lunenburg County Intersection is Your Love Language?

(For the sake of this Hot Nova Scotia Summer 2023 Playlist quiz, if you get the answer Touch/The Mahone Bay Three-Way, please retry the Love Language Quiz until you get a different answer.)

Gifts/The High Street Labyrinth of Love
Acts of Service/The Blockhouse Dance of Devotion
Quality Time/The Indian Path Bridge of Prolonged Longing
Words/The Highway Of Untold Affection


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