Meet Cheepie, Basil and Eihwaz, the free-flight Budgies of Bridgewater

(Cheepie and Basil enjoy a quiet moment on land. Photo contributed)

Names: Cheepie, Basil and Eihwaz
Family: BriAnna and her children
Community: Just outside of Bridgewater
Meet the pets:

It doesn’t get much better than life as a free-flight budgie in an open-concept home with high ceilings.

Cheepie, Basil and Eihwaz get to enjoy their true instincts as they spend their days flying around BriAnna’s home, built with a tall sloped rope for solar panels.

(Photo contributed)

There’s even a tree branch mounted to the wall filled with fun bird toys, which owner BriAnna says has become one of their favourite spots to play, perch and sleep.

“Cheepie was our first bird, he has green and yellow feathers and is the leader of the flock and most social of the three because he has been with us longest,” says BriAnna.

“He lands on us to hang out and snatch food when we are eating yummy treats he would like, he even lets us give him kisses.”

(Photo contributed)

Basil, with blue and white feathers, joined the family next – and he’s quite a social fellow.

“He will surprise us and guests with random moments of landing on your head to say hello and get curious,” says BriAnna. “He often joins Cheepie at the table when we are eating meals and they decide they want to come eat too.”

Some favourite delicacies of the bird are rice, pasta, and anything involving crackers or bread. 

Eihwaz (pronounced ay-was) is an all-white budgie who BriAnna says is the most shy, being the last to join the family.

(Photo contributed)

“He loves his birdie flock but isn’t quite sure about how much he can trust the humans so he cautiously keeps his distance,” says BriAnna, “but we give him lots of praise when he decides to take the risk and join the others at the table when we are all sitting around.”

“It’s super sweet because the more time you spend with budgies the more they see you as a part of the flock and we can really see that with each one of them.”

BriAnna says the budgies have become such a part of their family that their sleep schedule mimics the kids’ sleep routines – the birds head to bed and roost when the children have bedtime and the house gets quiet.

(Photo contributed)

Then, as soon as the birds hear someone getting up in the morning, they start getting chatty and start flying around the house again.

“They are a lot of fun to watch throughout the day and interact with and they are great pets with unique little personalities,” says BriAnna. “Everyone gets a kick out of coming to visit with birds flying around freely in the house.”

In learning about all the joy of living with free-flying birds, our readers may have one question remaining.

“No, there isn’t bird poop everywhere,” says BriAnna. “They have their main spots where they perch and don’t poop while flying!”


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