Little Crescent development shows regulations overdue

If the public meeting organized by concerned citizens about the private development of “Little Crescent” is any indication, the provincial Coastal Protection Act regulations are long overdue in the estimation of our coastal communities.

With the passing of the Coastal Protection Act in 2019 and extensive community consultation already completed, it is unacceptable that Nova Scotians continue to wait for the Houston government to do its duty to implement the regulations. 

In the four years since the Act was passed, public outcry has surrounded many proposed developments – Owl’s Head, Mabou Beach, Eagle’s Head, Cherry Hill, Green Bay, and more. Nova Scotians clearly continue to demand an increase in regulations to protect Canada’s Ocean Playground. 

Climate change marches on, promising more Hurricane Fionas and worse. Combined with increasing pressure for accelerated development in Nova Scotia, including along the South Shore, it is imperative that the Coastal Protection Act be brought into effect without further delay.

The petitions created by the Little Crescent organizers appeal for a moratorium on development until the Coastal Protection Act is implemented, proving that as far as our communities’ tolerance for coastal development is concerned, a line in the sand has been drawn.

– Merydie Ross, Bridgewater

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2 responses to “Little Crescent development shows regulations overdue”

  1. Thom Drew

    250 people attending that meeting were all in agreement with you that the implementation and enforcement of the Coastal Protection Act should be immediate. What is the government waiting for?

    1. Sabrina Doiron

      I totally agree Thom!
      There is an effort underway by Ecology Action Centre to put pressure on the government to fulfill their promise to Nova Scotians with regards to the Coastal Protections Act (CPA).
      I was not asked to promote the group, but have found them to be a helpful resource for learning about and taking action so I thought I’d pass a link to their action page:

      Consultation has shown the CPA is what our communities want, and Little Crescent shows it is what we need now.
      Nova Scotia deserves better!

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