Howdy, Neighbour! Meet Michael Kim

(Photo contributed)

Nicknamed “Mayor of Montague” by the other Michael (Higgins) on Montague, Michael Kim is the owner of Smugglers Cove Inn.

Since most locals won’t get to know Michael by staying at his inn, you might recognise him as the photographer who’s often getting photos of Bluenose II and other boats in the Lunenburg Harbour. Michael says he tries to get 10,000 steps in every day and photographing the town is a great way to meet his goal.

Michael moved to the west coast of Canada from Korea over two decades ago to become a pilot. After successfully completing his licence in BC in 2001, he realised it wasn’t an optimal time to work in aviation. Kim and his wife Rita instead owned and operated Gourmet Cup, a local coffee shop in Abbotsford, BC, and a hobby farm.

Michael and Rita bought the inn and moved to the area in 2019 and have since become known for their kind service and delicious morning coffees. Michael makes a point of showing guests around our beautiful town and capturing them on camera to commemorate their stay.

If you see Michael around with his camera, make sure to say hi. You might just get an invite for a coffee at the inn!

You can follow Michael on Instagram: @lunenburgmichael


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