Howdy, Neighbour! Meet Lisa Leschhorn and Sylvio Schatz

Many of us who moved to the South Shore know how quickly it draws you in. 

Nobody knows this better than Lisa Leschhorn and her husband Sylvio Schatz, who packed up their lives in Germany four years ago and shipped their van to Canada to start a cross-country trip. 

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They didn’t make it very far. After travelling around the Maritimes they stumbled across an ad for a restaurant looking for a German chef –“Meant to be,”, says Lisa.

The pair spent their first year living in their van next to the Old Black Forest on Hwy. 3. Recently they moved to the land they bought in Bayport, dreaming of building a home. Their plans for a 350 sq. ft.home are a big step up for these van-dwellers.

Lisa spends her days frequenting Rose Bay General (an oat milk latte in case you want to buy her a drink!), walking her dogs and doing social media for local small  businesses.

Lisa is quite social media-savvy as she runs the popular Instagram account “Travel with Freya” which documents her and Sylvio’s life living with dogs in a van. It was growing that account that made her feel confident enough to help others out with their digital identities.

Get a taste of Lisa and Sylvio’s lives by either stopping by the Old Black Forest Restaurant or giving @travelwithfreya a follow.


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  1. Lisa

    Thanks so much for the great interview!

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