Goblin Mania Sweeps South Shore

Recently, The Barnacle collaborated with South Shore Goblins, with select copies of our May issue featuring little goblin stickers.

If you’re not familiar with South Shore Goblins, a quick search on Instagram will bring up colourful, cheerful drawings of goblins wearing wool sweaters and cozy scarves, visiting local businesses and nature spots on the South Shore.

The Instagram account is anonymous and no information about the artist is available. 

The account has become relatively popular among South Shore residents in a short amount of time. Because of The Barnacle’s newfound connection with the person who runs the account, I had the chance to sit down with the enigmatic artist to ask them what prompted this very strange idea, and why it resonates with people. 

What’s the inspiration behind South Shore Goblins? 

“I think the South Shore is a pretty magical place, and I don’t see enough hype about it. I wanted a way to highlight some awesome small businesses and places to visit without being too on-the-nose. I also just really enjoy drawing weird little woodland creatures.”

Why goblins, though? 

“They’re misunderstood and a little awkward. I feel like they’re usually portrayed as villains in the fantasy genre. But I think the idea of them — these little green humanoids with pointy ears — is adorable.”

Why are these goblins resonating with South Shore residents? 

“I think it’s exciting to see your favorite café, hiking trail, or small business with cute goblins hanging out in it. The goblins are always having a good time. Beyond that, I really don’t know. I thought the account’s followers would just be a few friends and my mom. I was wrong about that!”

Find out what Goblin you are in our quiz, What South Shore Goblin Are You?

 You can find these happy little creatures on Instagram: @southshoregoblins


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