The Barnacle team will be away at sea for the month of July, check back in August for our next print issue!

About The Barnacle.

What is The Barnacle?

We are an alternative print-monthly, digital-sporadically publication chronicling the everyday of Lunenburg County on both sides of the LaHave.

Established in 2023, we are an independent, volunteer-driven cooperative committed to connecting you to the people and events in our communities.

Our print edition highlights news, trivia and puzzles to inform and entertain. Find our analogue version at many fine local establishments on the second Thursday of every month. 

Follow along as we share the important happenings at the community hall, the latest affairs at Town Council and the most comprehensive collection of events coming up in Lunenburg County.

The Lunenburg Barnacle is a publication of the Lunenburg Barnacle Publishing Co-Operative Ltd.

Directors & Editors

Jesse Ward
Director, Editor-in-Chief

Issie Patterson
Director, Editor-at-Large
Sal Falk
Director, Editor-at-Large
Carmen Cumming
Director, Layout Editor
Jessie McLaughlin
Member, Illustrator

Clare Heggie
Member, Puzzle Editor